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Hey, what's up ya'll!

William Sandifer loves the camera, and the camera loves him! He has always been happiest when there’s an audience for him to entertain. William’s vibrant, dynamic personality shines through the camera lens. Cute and confident, he’s a beautiful child - inside and out!


He is easy to work with, taking direction and feedback like a true professional. From soccer to swim team, William is competitive in all he does. He enjoys finding new friends, making up games, and rock climbing.


He aspires to see himself in commercial print, “on the wall by the clothes at Target” – and he means it! His ultimate goal is to work as an actor in commercials, television, and movies. William lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and has a second home near

Denver, Colorado. He has a flexible school schedule and is available for travel outside the local area.


This child is ready for his big opportunity to work the
modeling and entertainment industry!

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